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Satisfying and well-balanced meal replacement shake that helps you satisfy your hunger.

Meal replacement shakes are a convenient and effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Use BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shake Mix as part of the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program – a personalized weight-loss solution designed to work with you every step of the way. Formulated to help satisfy your hunger without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, it helps control portion size and calories, both of which are critical for successful weight loss.

Scientifically formulated, well-balanced meal replacement shake mix contains protein, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals to help control your hunger, support digestive health and keep you feeling energized as part of a healthy weight-loss program.

Enjoy 20 grams of protein from a combined source of pea protein isolate, milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate.

The Benefits using this product

  • Enjoy a shake one to two times per day as a replacement meal.
  • Satisfies hunger; helps you feel full.
  • Portion-controlled to help avoid overeating.
  • Contains 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving to help support digestive health.
  • Provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Good source of vitamin D and iron and an excellent source of vitamin E, folate, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
  • Contains milk and soy.

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How to get this product

If you are interested to get this product, just you need to register as a customer on Amway and visit the shop to buy this product: Shop Amway


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