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Get started with this easy to use tool for calculating your Body Mass Index and find out if you are eligible to participate in the programme.

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bodykey by NUTRILITE is a weight-loss and healthy-lifestyle programme that focuses on you, your DNA and your habits.
With bodykey by NUTRILITE, science and nature work in perfect harmony to help you achieve your optimal you.

The NUTRILITE™ brand has brought scientists, nutritionists, and exercise experts together to explore the ways in which scientific methods, nutrition and exercise can help support people’s efforts to lose weight, maintain their optimal weight, or simply pursue a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all about YOU and supporting your pursuit of your OPTIMAL YOU

What is your optimal you?

  • Weight loss
  • Managing or maintaining your existing weight
  • Simply living a healthy lifestyle
  • Whatever your goal, bodykey by NUTRILITE™ supports you by: understanding your lifestyle habits and assigning you to one of three diet profiles on the basis of your DNA and then creating a personalised programme that is easy to follow and will guide you to your optimal you.

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  • 2: Receive your personalised programme

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  • Diet Plan
  • Exercise Plan
  • 3: Follow your personalised plan

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  • NUTRILITE™ Supplements
  • The bodykey by NUTRILITE™ programme is centred around the philosophy that ongoing support, guidance, and motivation will be a vital contributor to your success. Thanks to online tools, you’ll be able to consult resources that have been designed and led by experts in the field of diet, nutrition, and exercise.

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    The journey to your optimal you – whether that’s through weight loss, maintenance of your existing weight or simply through a healthier lifestyle is easy to follow and starts with the arrival of the bodykey by NUTRILITE Starter Kit. Get Your Program


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